About InnerGate Bodywork & Massage


Alexandria Jean Steppe, MSTCM, LAc & LMT

Alexandria is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Intuitive Bodywork Specialist practicing in San Francisco.  

Alex started receiving Acupuncture in 2010 and noticed significant reduction in her pain as well as changes in her stress levels, emotional balance and overall outlook on life. From her own experience, she knows just how life changing this medicine can be, which is why she dedicated her future and career to learning more about Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine in order to help others. 

She truly believes that when the body is in harmony, many symptoms of dis-ease will subside. Much of our pain, both mental and physical comes from imbalances while our body strives to reach homeostasis (balance). She also sees how emotions such as grief, worry, anger can manifest into chronic and acute physical pain symptoms. Holistic Medicine such as Acupuncture, Eastern Medicine and Bodywork assists the body in opening up areas of restriction, smoothing energy and enhancing circulation. Your body already knows what it needs to do, but Holistic Medicine gives it a boost in the right direction in order to achieve the balance it seeks to create.

She believes that curiosity is a combination of knowledge, practice and intuition. These are her driving forces when working with patients. With a strong understanding how the body works (anatomy, kinesthesiology, patterns of dysfunction/pathology and how they manifest in the body, observation, palpation and discussion) she creates a treatment that is truly customized to your needs. In addition to Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine, Alex is well versed in Western styles of Bodywork such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports Massage & ART, Eastern methods such as Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage) and Shiatsu (Japanese 5 element Bodywork). 

Recently she has started her two year Certification Training in Cranio Sacral Therapy through Upledger Institute. CST is a light touch manual therapy working to regulate the rhythm of the body's CerebroSpinal Fluid. She has also started incorporating Essential Oils into her treatments by way of Aroma AcuPoint Therapy, a technique developed by Peter Holmes, LAc, founder of Snow Lotus Essential Oils.

When Alex is not working, she enjoys a wide array of hobbies from knitting and sewing to an active lifestyle of traveling, hiking, yoga, pilates, cycling and camping. 

To give back to the community that she loves, Alex has volunteered at the Women's Community Clinic as a Client Service Coordinator and Health Educator, a receptionist at San Francisco Community Acupuncture and annually as a Roadie on the AIDS/Life Cycle with the Massage Team. She also works at the Stonewall Project, a weekly community event hosted by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Licensed by the California Acupuncture Board #17834

Certified by the California Massage Therapy Association 

Licensed by the Board of Professions in New York #025823

Insured by the American Massage Therapy Association and the American Acupuncture Council


What is the InnerGate?

To me, the term ‘InnerGate’ symbolizes a connection to our true self. The self which has endured pain and suffering but also knows there is happiness and joy to be lived in this life. One may be living with physical or emotional pain, depression, anxiety or grief making it seem like there is no other way. Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine can help to relieve and regulate these emotions by helping to regulate the body systems and creating harmony.

The InnerGate, also known as Nei Guan, is an acupuncture point on the inner forearm close to the wrist crease that is famous for treating nausea. In Chinese Medicine this point also links to the diaphragm and chest, which can help to open and expand, therefor regulating the breath. This connection and deepening of our breath reduces anxiety, panic, palpitations and nervous energy & helps establish calm.

Even more deeply, the InnerGate represents Absolute Yin, which when working harmoniously is the most stable ‘substance’ in the body. Even though it is inside the body it is the space that needs the most protection. InnerGate is located on the Pericardium Channel, which in both Eastern and Western medicine, protects the heart. Our heart which is the King of all organs, houses our Shen (spirit) and is very susceptible to outside forces. Disruption to our Shen can cause both emotional and physical changes.