What Other Patients Have to Say...

Lizbeth, San Francisco CA

Alex is amazing at what she does! When I had my baby I developed wrist pain from carrying and breastfeeding. It was pretty painful where I could barely hold a dish up. I tried a wrist brace, massaging with ointments and wrist exercises to help with the pain but they weren't very effective. I decided to try acupuncture with Alex. From the first session I already noticed a difference in the range of motion and a lot of the tightness had reduced. I was consistent in seeing her once a week for at least 3 weeks, and then it was every 2 weeks for another 3 weeks. Some of our sessions we would combine acupuncture + massage. After 6 sessions my wrist felt completely better and back to normal. I highly recommend her! Her full body massage sessions are also great!

Amanda, San Francisco CA

I have officially been converted to being a believer in acupuncture. I can honestly tell you my experience with Alex was absolutely amazing. I got not only immediate relief from the pain I was in, but lasting relief & with great advice on how to keep working the area afterwards and moving forward. I saw Alex about a week after throwing my back out and a visit to the ER I was at about a 6 pain wise constantly with moments of higher pain. Walking was extremely difficult and I was desperate to try anything to help. I was referred to her by a friend and was set up with an initial massage, then acupuncture, and finished with some cupping (another first for me). All of it- totally amazing. The acupuncture specifically was life-changing because I could actually feel the release in my muscles and the good deep ache it brought. And honestly, putting in the needles does not hurt. And those that pinch, it's over as fast as you felt it. It all just feels amazing, like tiny deep releases in your muscles while the blood gets in there and starts to heal you. Since seeing Alex, everything has vastly improved.  My walking is better, my pain feels down to a 2, and I'm able to go to work and feel productive. I highly, greatly, COMPLETELY encourage you to set up an appointment! 1000% worth your time.

Sumi, El Cerrito CA

Alex is the best! I've had such great massages, cupping and acupuncture with her.  She's great about talking with me to find out what I need and want.   She make suggestions to help with my issues and checks in with me to make sure I agree with her suggestions before proceeding. She's very easy to be around and I appreciate that.  She's very respectful and caring.  It took me a long time to find someone I trust for acupuncture and massage.  When I find someone good I stick with that person.  Can't wait for my next treatment with her!

Amber, San Francisco CA

I have had massages in at least 20 countries and have not found a single massage therapist who is better than Alex. She was the FIRST massage therapist to assess my current state (I'm talking 'bend over' / 'move this way', etc.). Alex then talked me through her approach on how, when and where she needed to work. Followed by why her recommendation was going to help fix all my pain (back and hips). Yes she can give you a massage that makes you feel good and relaxed but she truly introduced me to the healing power of massage therapy. She listens, she cares and she is now a regular part of my health/healing process.

Alexis, Oakland CA

I've been seeing Alex for a few years and I absolutely love her style of massage. She's great at understanding your needs and helping you feel at peace in your body. I also tried acupuncture for the first time with Alex, and for someone with a mild fear of needles that was a big feat! She made the process easy and relaxing. I would highly recommend Alex for anyone looking for body work!

Lisa, San Francisco CA

Alex is the best massage therapist I have ever worked with. She spends time talking with me to understand where I need her to focus, and how much pressure. My first visit was in the middle of AIDS Lifecycle, and had tightness in my hips, back, and neck. It was clear she understood how cycling was affecting my muscles, and she really knew how to provide me with relief in a short amount of time! 

She really takes the time to listen to what YOU need and tailors her work to your body. My glutes tend to be a problem area, and that leads to back pain. I am impressed that when I need a lot of pressure, she can really dig in. I really felt a difference. She also helped my tight hip flexors feel more open, as well as opened my chest and helped my shoulders feel more relaxed. I noticed this the next day when I was sitting in front of my computer!  She really is an exceptional massage therapist. 

Alex has a great and easily accessible space at ActivSpace. It is very quiet and peaceful. Once you get on the table, you will think you are somewhere further away. It is a very calm-inducing space. The table was warmed and she uses nice, soft sheets. Alex has a very special way of putting you at ease and making you feel comfortable. 

Lillian, San Francisco, CA

I've been going to Alex for almost 6 years for weekly massage and occasional acupuncture and my experience has been very positive.  She is highly trained in both and always professional.  She listens well and I consider my time with her to be an essential part of my health program.  Alex is a delightful person and I have no reservations in recommending her.

Aaron, San Francisco CA

I was referred to Alex by a friend who'd really liked her treatments. The office was comfortable and peaceful. Alex listened patiently to my preferences. She made sure I was comfortable as we started the session.

Her massage technique was excellent. It felt confident, and practiced, but not rote or bored. She was intuitive and I think she used feedback from me, without asking. She massaged all the parts I wanted, including my feet (which some therapists skip).

At the end of the massage, I was very relaxed and felt great! I wished she could have gone on for a lot longer! As a person who has received quite a few professional massages, I rate Alex excellent. Alex is easygoing and I recommend you contact her and schedule a massage from her.