Modalities & Treatments



The ancient art of inserting ultra-fine, sterile, one-time-use needles into specific points on the body in order to help the body to achieve balance and harmony. 

Acupuncture helps to treat many issues such as physical and emotional pain, stress, improve sleep & digestion, regulate hormones, headaches & migraines, allergies and is a great at relieving the side-effects of many medications.


Aroma AcuPoint Therapy, developed by Peter Holmes, LAc (founder of Snow Lotus essential oils), is a technique using Artisan Essential Oils on specific Acupuncture points to stimulate the body and aid in function and regulation. This technique is offered as an ADD-ON treatment along side Acupuncture or Bodywork for even deeper healing and relaxation.

Customized Therapeutic Bodywork


Deep-Tissue and Swedish Style Massage use a variety of techniques such as kneading, friction, compression and rolling in order to release areas of tension, increase circulation; flushing toxins from the body. Shiatsu and Tui Na are Eastern modalities using pressure and compression to move energy through the meridian pathways. Sports Massage and Assisted Stretching can be used pre and post event to minimize injury and recovery time. Acu-Pressure and Trigger Point & Myofascial Release with Positional Release reduce referred pain and increase Range of Motion.

CranioSacral Therapy is a light touch manual modality that assesses areas of restriction in the body and works with the CerebroSpinal Fluid to release these areas and regulate the CSF rhythm. We are currently taking courses in CST (two year certification process).

Pre-Natal Massage is done side-lying and depending on the comfort of the patient. Deep Pressure is avoided around sacrum and pressure points that are contraindicated during pregnancy. Focus is more on circulation, stretching and relieving tension.

Cupping Therapy


Using suction, glass, plastic or ceramic cups are either placed stationary or moved on the body using oil/lotion. All methods increase blood flow, circulation, reduce pain and tension. Stationary and Gliding Cupping also helps to enhance circulation of lymph and the interstitial fluid in your fascia helping to break up scar tissue and adhesions, therefore increasing Range of Motion. Cupping is also known to minimize circulating toxins by drawing them up to the superficial fascia where they can be flushed out of the system through the skin and lymph system. Flash Cupping is another technique used to release common colds and congestion in the lungs.

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Aftercare: we do ask that you keep the area covered and avoid bathing for 24 hours to minimize the risk of cold/wind or dampness from entering the body. Because we have 'opened the surface', these external pathogens can cause illness to enter, which can result in catching cold, increased muscle tension or headaches.